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your pool & hot tub experts

Ewing Pools has been a Family Tradition since 1968. Shawn, Craig and Kevin Ewing, and their expert staff make it Durham Region’s first choice for Inground Pools, Pool Renovations, Service and Supplies.

The Ewing Family’s reputation for high quality workmanship and excellent customer service has continued for 48 years.

We invite you to visit our 5000 square foot retail store, where you can see all of our products on display, such as pools, liners, automatic cleaners, filters, heaters, pumps, patio loungers, toys and more.
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Pool filters in Whitby
Pool pumps in Whitby
Pool covers in Whitby
Pool chemicals in Whitby
Pool renovations in Whitby
Pool liners in Whitby
Pool heaters in Whitby

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Tel: 905-430-1884