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Raypak 206,000 BTU Digital Natural Gas Heater
Raypak 206,000 BTU Digital Natural Gas Heater
Item ID: PR206AEN
Brand: Raypak


Flame Strength Indicator: Raypak leads the way with the first control in the pool industry to monitor and measure the pilot flame signal. known for our high quality, leading edge commerical boilers, it just made sense for Raypak to use this existing commercial technology on our residential pool heaters. This little too is a service techs dream. Raypak also uses this function on the end of line test, making sure every heaters leaves with a robust flame signal.

On Board Voltmeter: The Raypak Digital monitors the low voltage electric supply. This helps ensure the heater is wired properly during installation. The heater will also let you know if the voltage has dropped too low to function properly. No other pool heater takes care of your like a Raypak.

Microprocessor-Controlled Thermostat: The Raypak Digital gas heater is equipped with a microprocessor-based control. This control allows you to set your pool and spa temperature precisely at your preferred setting just by pressing an up or down temperature control button. This digital display tells you when the water is being heated and notifies you when your target temperature has been reached.

Self-Diagnostic: Troubleshooting a Raypak gas heater has never been easier. The Raypak Digital has on-board diagnostic controls that let the user and the service professional know what is going on with he heater at all times. The display uses real English, with no cryptic codes to decipher.

Remote-Compatible: The Raypak Digitalis compatible with most major pool control and remote systems on the market today. Any two or three wire remote can connect tot he Raypak Digital and be integrated into the pool control system of your choice. The display clearly shows the heater is under control of a remote system.

Run Time and Cycle Meter: Yet another industry first, the Raypak pool heater can report how long it has run and how many times it has fired. This is valuable feedback for the service professional. Multi-unit installations can monitor the run time of each unit and balance out the duty load, thus avoiding over working on individual heater.

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